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Have you ever been aware of looking into a cup? Did you ever form a lamp however you like? Did you ever watch the shadow play on a curtain in the sunshine? Small gestures, unexpected perceptions: I’ve been working on these elements, trying to suggest and stimulate our awareness and to find back a sense of life made by small, beautiful and simple things. Details of daily products which we do not spend attention to have a special meaning in my exam.

A lamp where the power cable is the main part.
The shadows caused by the veins of leafs in my curtain.
The bottom of the cup which contains a hidden message.

On the one hand my products strive for modern tendencies and cause controversy: consumerism, superficiality, overstimulation and the lack of relationship. On the other hand they answer the need of today’s individuality, interactivity, aesthetic and reflection. My products invite to extraordinary seeing, doing and thinking. Being properly used, they offer a new point of view on daily-use objects and design.

To see my graduation work, go to 'home' and klick on the lamp, tea v cup and curtain.